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If you have a profile in Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada:

Please enter your username**and password and click the “Login” button or “Enter” on your keyboard to access your profile in Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada.

*If you enrolled in Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada prior to July 10, 2017, your username is your National ID number provided in the confirmation e-mail you received shortly after enrolment. Please include the dash when you enter the seven-digit National ID Number.

If you have a Guest Profile** and want to obtain a National ID number, click “Enrol” on the blue navigation bar. Please note that only international pharmacy graduates require a National ID number.

** If you have a guest account created prior to July 10, 2017 please create a new profile as indicated below.

If you do NOT have a profile in Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada:

Click “Create Profile” on the blue navigation bar and fill in the required information. Once you have created a profile, all information that you entered will be saved. You may now purchase a self-assessment tool or enrol to obtain a National ID number and begin the licensure process.

If you need details on the self-assessment tools:

Click “Self-Assessments” on the blue bar at the top.

If you forget your username:

Contact Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada Client Services or 1-613-569-9800

If you forget your password:

Enter your username, click “Forgot Password” and answer the questions.

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